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The Death of P N Furbank

P.N. Furbank: obituary The biographer, social historian and teacher P. N. Furbank, who has died at XXX, was best known for a frank and elegant biography of E.M. Forster. It was not simply their friendship which fitted him for the task; Forster realised that Furbank’s knowledge was as wide and cosmopolitan as his own. Furbank’s […]

Phil Ramone

Phil Ramone: obituary It sometimes seems that the only musicians not to work with Phil Ramone were – The Ramones. A producer and engineer continually at the forefront of changing technology, he never paraded himself with the flamboyance of Phil Spector or even the widely avuncular presence of George Martin; content with the back of […]

Remembering Mr Wallace

This afternoon I returned home and was, of course, saddened to read on Twitter that two very different composers, Jonathan Harvey and Dave Brubeck, have died. Right now, however, I keep thinking about a man whom I had never heard voice an opinion upon either of them, but I should not be surprised if they […]

From The Bran-Tub: Twenty-Five – Richard Carlson

Here is a brisk piece over which I sweated for The Times about Richard Carlson after he met an unfortunate end. In an age when everything is branded and angst is pervasive, there can be a lucrative market for commonsense. In hitting on the idea of the “small stuff”, Richard Carlson, who has died at […]

From The Bran-Tub: Twenty-Four – Peter Viertel

Here is the Times obituary I wrote of Peter Viertel. Peter Viertel: obituary Peter Viertel, dead at 86 – soon after his wife of forty-seven years, Deborah Kerr – was a cosmopolitan screenwriter whose work, often with John Huston, included a first draft of cultish Beat the Devil and a second of The African Queen, […]

The Death of Gore Vidal

Here is my obituary of Gore Vidal in today’s Independent. I was glad to emphasise the work – and the only one to point out that a typescript of his letters could yet appear.

On David Gascoyne

With pressure on space and delay in its appearance, my piece on David Gascoyne in today’s Independent was shorter than envisaged. Here is the full version, including reference to the many others who popped up in his life. That said, the printed version appeared neat enough. Night Thoughts: The Surreal Life of the Poet David […]

From The Bran-Tub: Twenty-One – Marc Behm

When Marc Behm died a few years ago, this was the only obituary that he received in England. I had been watching Help! and wondered what had become of hime, only to find that he had recently, quietly, died. A distinctive talent: seek him out.

From the Bran Tub: Twenty – Dory Previn

Here is a piece I wrote a while ago about Dory Previn, and it appeared in today’s Guardian. As i recall, it has been cut, for the paper has much less obituary space now. I had more on her bizarre, terrifying childhood. Seek out her book Midnight Baby.

From the Bran Tub: Eighteen – Kitty Carlisle Hart

Here is the Independent piece – described as “wild” in America – i wrote in 2007 about Kitty Carlisle Hart. Another leap across time. Kitty Carlisle Hart Star of ‘A Night at the Opera’ The Independent 20 April 2007 Christopher Hawtree ‘I had no idea that A Night at the Opera was going to become […]

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