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the pillowbook of Christopher Hawtree, writer and Green Party councillor for Central Hove

Virginia Woolf Returns to Hove

And so, this week, once again to Hove Town Hall, a building which Virginia Woolf would have seen in its previous, splendid incarnation. Alas it burned down in 1966 and has since been rebuilt in, shall we say, a somewhat different style. That fire – yet another suspicious one – was seven decades after she […]

A Stripper at the Planning Committee

You cannot predict how a meeting of the Planning Committee might go – especially in Hove and Brighton. Assume it will be a quick one, and it becomes six hours. Never underestimate the strength of feeling over a dormer window: simmering suburban warfare easily turns ferocious or, at the very least, is a case of […]

A Brief Reflection upon the Budget

Former Councillor, now Alderman Sue John suggested, over a curry of her creation, that I should keep a diary/journal of life upon the Council. But I have not done so, partly because events move on. That said, the other evening I began a piece here with reflections on the Budget after the Council meeting to […]

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    Christopher Hawtree is the Green Party Councillor for Central Hove but items are posted here in a personal capacity as an individual.

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