It would be rash to take a computer upon a kayak. The idea is that this sea-going vessel is but one of many things which - thoughts recollected in some tranquility - can animate a Pillow Book.


A Pillow Book? The term began over a thousand years ago, with Sei Shonagon. She was one of those in Japan who confided their thoughts and observations to a notebook which was kept, for safety's sake,  beneath a pillow.


The world has changed. Thoughts, or some of them, now find a place upon such a site as this. You are at liberty to browse as much, or as little, as you desire.


Sections are listed on the left, and these will evolve. Who knows where it will all go? Another Pillow Book is the one which Eleanor Bron published, and I highly recommend that book (and her one about cycling). One of the greatest contasts in her Book is one page showing her with John Lennon in Help!, and the next has a facsimile of a letter from E.M. Forster in which he thanks her for her performance in a dramatisation of Howards End, and looks forward to lunch.


Meanwhile, welcome aboard (which is the hardest part of sailing a kayak).