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In The Summer Swelter

Posted on 25th June, 2020

Another hot day in Hove. I stay inside during the day, and venture seawards later. Some of the time I have added to this site, which evolves; and will gain more naviagation methods. As you can perhaps see, I have added a section about Words, and one of stories inspired by this town. You can also find my on-the-hoof thoughts @chrishawtree on Twitter.

First Steps - and Paddles

Posted on 20th June, 2020

Early days. Here is a first blog entry as this new site evolves, and, in due course, it will have drop-down menus to separate posts rather than their appearing in a scroll. Technology presents different challenges from writing, and leaves one eager to take to the sea in a newly-arrived kayak (more on that anon).