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the pillowbook of Christopher Hawtree, writer and Green Party councillor for Central Hove

The Death of P N Furbank

P.N. Furbank: obituary The biographer, social historian and teacher P. N. Furbank, who has died at XXX, was best known for a frank and elegant biography of E.M. Forster. It was not simply their friendship which fitted him for the task; Forster realised that Furbank’s knowledge was as wide and cosmopolitan as his own. Furbank’s […]

Of Fire, Smoke and Mirrors

The West Wing. House of Cards. The East Sussex Fire Authority. Borgen. Life itself can sometimes eclipse screenwriters’ view of the world. So it has been in the past few days. By way of setting the scene. The East Sussex Fire Authority consists of eighteen members. Six of these are drawn from Hove and Brighton; […]

By Way of Elaboration

I have recently tweeted some remarks about the controversy in Hove and Brighton about the forthcoming Budget and the Notice of Motion which was proposed by the Labour Group which posited a Vote Of No Confidence in the Administration. It has been drawn to my attention that some of these tweets could have been misconstrued […]

On Bins, Their Collection and 3.5 Hours

Here is a comment I have added to those beneath today’s Guardian piece by John Harris about – among other things – the spring’s Bins Dispute in Hove and Brighton. I adapted it from a message i sent to some residents at the time. A decade ago Cityclean – the rubbish collection – was in […]

A Voyage To A New Future

“All of mankind’s misfortune comes from one thing, which is not knowing how to sit quietly in a room.” To voice a paradox, Pascal’s observation is sound, but it needs the caveat that, for many, even a room is now but a dream. What with spending a night sleeping out in the cold and, upon […]


Very much a part of Marilyn Monroe’s attraction was her natural wit. When asked what she slept in, she replied “Chanel No. 5”. This came to mind as I went on a long walk around Hove and Brighton beneath an unseasonally glaring sun – a sky which, cloudless, would be surely the harbinger of a […]

The Brighton Waves

Unexploded Alison Macleod Hamish Hamilton £16.99 T. S. Eliot was a master of seduction. No, this is not a biographical revelation but something of which one is reminded by a novel which Alison Macleod has set in wartime Brighton. During his many years as a publisher at Faber and Faber, Eliot perfected the art of […]

Starts And Bars

The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. Adelle Waldman William Heinemann £14.99 “Ooh, kale. I never could find kale in Baltimore.” The place is Brooklyn, the time is now, and Adelle Waldman’s sassy first novel definitely takes place among the kale-eating classes. And what’s wrong with that. There is no need of a question mark, for […]

On The Wish Hills

There has of course long been controversy over the relationship between Hove and Brighton. Its love-hate nature has been depicted as a forced marriage by some – and others go further, saying that it is in fact a ménage à trois, citing the fact that Portslade was subsumed into Hove by the Tories’ re-organisation of […]

Hemingway, Hove And Portslade: On Being Chosen As MP Candidate

It is surprising where books can lead. A decade ago, I found myself impelled to spend a long winter on the pavement outside Hove Library, which had been donated to the town almost a century earlier by Andrew Carnegie. There was then the extraordinary plan to close down his building, at the very heart of […]

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