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the pillowbook of Christopher Hawtree, writer and Green Party councillor for Central Hove

Of Hove, Anthony Burgess and the Mural

“Give my regards to Hove.” So Anthony Burgess once remarked to me after we had spent several hours, some of them at a bar, in talking about the many places around the world in which he had set – and written – numerous novels. At home in many a feverish locale, and fluent in as […]

Footing The Bill: the NHS

This evening, I spoke at a meeting of the Full Council as a Seconder of Sue Shanks’s Notice of Motion that the National Health Service should become that again instead of the semi-privatised shambles into which it has slid. I always speak from a few headings: something written out is dull to hear. So here […]


Lynne Truss Caused more than a fuss By decreeing a misplaced apostrophe Nothing short of a catastrophe

As The Earth And The Worm Turns

As chance has it, at much the same time that I started to read Naomi Klein’s hefty study of climate change, This Changes Everything, there surfaced a copy of the third, 1947 printing – in an elegant typographical wrapper – of Common-Sense Compost Making (1946) by Maye Bruce. In any word-association game the phrase Faber […]

Terror At Thirty Feet

Ever quizzical, at the edge of a roof, a seagull again peers down at me with a bemused eye, as if questioning the wisdom of what I am doing. He, or she, has that in common with some of those who pass closely by the ladder upon which I am perched, paint-roller in hand, in […]


Councillor Tony Janio Again sought advice from a rhino, Who said: “if you see a Marxist, Charge in – and do not desist!”

The Railway Line

As a part of the Coalition’s Localism Act, there came into being the chance for residents to form Neighbourhood Forums around Planning strategies. This might all sound to the good – even if it contends simultaneously with the National Planning Policy Framework’s presumption in favour of a developers’ charter to get it up quick. In […]

Church Road, Hove

Here is a note which I have sent to the Hove Civic Society in support of its proposal for something which is more of a boulevard. After all, stroll is the essence of Hove. “i continue to be delighted by the energy and knowledge – and imagination – which the Hove Civic Society now brings […]


Frank Gehry Soon grew weary When he strove To make a go of it in Hove

From The Bran-Tub: Twenty-Six – Betty Comden

‘ahelluva town!’ The phrase from the song New York, New York in the musical On the Town (1944) is synonymous with Betty Comden, who has died aged 91. She and Adolph Green (obituary, October 26 2002) supplied lyrics and librettos for some of Broadway’s most enduring musicals, and the story and screenplay for films such […]

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