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the pillowbook of Christopher Hawtree, writer and Green Party councillor for Central Hove

Baa Forked Animals

“Sleepest or wakest thou, jolly shepherd? / Thy sheep be in the corn;/ And for one blast of thy minikin mouth / Thy sheep shall take no harm.” So says Edgar, on the Heath, with something of the seemingly nonsensical wisdom which has been the Fool’s stock-in-trade: the King’s subjects are slipping from him but […]

Of Quiche and Men

A good deed never goes rewarded. So, in more cynical moments, life can appear even to those of us who look for the best across the board in the extraordinarily brief span that is human life. That such a thought might be prompted by quiche is but one of the surprises of current, post-modern political […]

On Kyril Bonfiglioli

News that Johnny Depp is to appear in a movie, Mortdecai, reminds me that such an idea had crossed my mind while writing this piece for the Spectator in 1992. As one can see from it, you never know where a leaflet on a mat might lead. Since then, the revival has gathered apace, what […]

In the Tradition of Murder

Pick up many a book and you can be sure that behind it, before the presses had rolled, there were unspoken tales of intrigue, chicanery, backstabbing, long-festered rivalries, murderous thoughts – not to mention double-dealing by the perennial gainsayers in the sales department. Publishing can so easily make politics appear a Zen Buddhist retreat. One […]

In A Flap

The General Election is certainly hotting up. You can tell that is the case when the Chair of the Brighton and Hove Co-Op – a Labour candidate – makes baseless claims about things being strewn upon the ground. No, this has nothing to do with the Bins dispute, its decade-long backstory and consequences. Instead, picture […]

“A Wonderful Imagined Place”: D H Lawrence on Brighton (and Rottingdean)

A recent visit to Rottingdean prompted me not only to recall the sojourn there by Katherine Mansfield in the summer of 1910 but a trip to it, the previous summer, by her future friend D. H. Lawrence who also lodged on the village’s High Street. This letter by him was one of those to a […]

The Death of P N Furbank

P.N. Furbank: obituary The biographer, social historian and teacher P. N. Furbank, who has died at XXX, was best known for a frank and elegant biography of E.M. Forster. It was not simply their friendship which fitted him for the task; Forster realised that Furbank’s knowledge was as wide and cosmopolitan as his own. Furbank’s […]

Of Fire, Smoke and Mirrors

The West Wing. House of Cards. The East Sussex Fire Authority. Borgen. Life itself can sometimes eclipse screenwriters’ view of the world. So it has been in the past few days. By way of setting the scene. The East Sussex Fire Authority consists of eighteen members. Six of these are drawn from Hove and Brighton; […]

By Way of Elaboration

I have recently tweeted some remarks about the controversy in Hove and Brighton about the forthcoming Budget and the Notice of Motion which was proposed by the Labour Group which posited a Vote Of No Confidence in the Administration. It has been drawn to my attention that some of these tweets could have been misconstrued […]

On Bins, Their Collection and 3.5 Hours

Here is a comment I have added to those beneath today’s Guardian piece by John Harris about – among other things – the spring’s Bins Dispute in Hove and Brighton. I adapted it from a message i sent to some residents at the time. A decade ago Cityclean – the rubbish collection – was in […]

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