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the pillowbook of Christopher Hawtree, writer and Green Party councillor for Central Hove

The Weasel Under The Cocktail Cabinet

To the Corn Exchange for Julian Sands’s Brighton halt on his tour with a one-man reading from the work of Harold Pinter – a work which began at Edinburgh under the direction of John Malkovitch, a man poliitcs apart from Pinter (and Sands). Oh, to have been in a venue without the steep rake of […]

The Box Sett

Wait a while and a television series that would have meant remembering to set aside time for watching on its first broadcast can be picked up cheaply and taken at more of a clip – unless, of course, it quickly slips from print and commands a premium. If a series is as good as its […]

Eco, Oeco All Day

This title echoes a song, and the first, 1911 edition of the Concise Oxford Dictionary. Look up “ecology” in it, and there is nothing. Only with reference to the full Oxford English Dictionary does one find that in fact the word began as oecology in the later nineteenth century. In the current sense it appears […]

The Normans and The Wind in the Willows

During the campaign to save Hove’s Carnegie Library somebody previously unknown to me, Boris Norman came forward and was a valiant supporter. Around eighty, he was out in all weathers to gather support. Soon after we heard that the Library was saved his wife, Rosemary became ill, and died in the autumn. I was at […]

Milk, A Global History – in 500 words

Here is a piece I wrote for the Independent about Deborah Valenze’s history of Milk

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    Christopher Hawtree is the Green Party Councillor for Central Hove but items are posted here in a personal capacity as an individual.

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