Christopher Hawtree

the pillowbook of Christopher Hawtree, writer and Green Party councillor for Central Hove

Eight-Thirty in Brighton

It could have been have been a scene from a Woody Allen movie. In the Duke of York’s lobby before Midnight in Paris, in its auditorium before the lights went down, and in the lobby afterwards, there were people I knew – some of whom knew one another, and all eager to talk about movies. […]

Tony Magdi: Fresh Fruits

Every so often something wonderful happens. That might sound a strange thing to write as we approach the anniversary of Tony Magdi’s death three weeks after he was attacked on Portland Road in Hove outside the greengrocer’s shop which he had made so very a part of the neighbourhood – and beyond. His generosity, and […]

Triumphs – and a Missed Opportunity

To take the number 12 bus to Eastbourne from Brighton – and back – is always a joy. Whatever one’s intentions to read for an hour, they are diverted, most of the way, by the view from a top-deck window. The sea presents limitless mental trajectories, and perhaps all the more so when it is […]

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    Christopher Hawtree is the Green Party Councillor for Central Hove but items are posted here in a personal capacity as an individual.

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