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the pillowbook of Christopher Hawtree, writer and Green Party councillor for Central Hove

From the Bran Tub: Twenty – Dory Previn

Here is a piece I wrote a while ago about Dory Previn, and it appeared in today’s Guardian. As i recall, it has been cut, for the paper has much less obituary space now. I had more on her bizarre, terrifying childhood. Seek out her book Midnight Baby.

From the Bran Tub: Nineteen – Wartime Publishing

Here is a piece I wrote about Valerie Holman’s marvellous book on the Second World War and publishing.

Scaling The Depths

Can fish eat vegetarians? No, this is not the title of another collection of popular-science articles along the lines of the one that asks why penguins’ feet do not freeze. It is, however, the product of research at the cutting edge – literally so. For some while I had been intrigued by the sudden vogue […]

From the Bran Tub: Eighteen – Kitty Carlisle Hart

Here is the Independent piece – described as “wild” in America – i wrote in 2007 about Kitty Carlisle Hart. Another leap across time. Kitty Carlisle Hart Star of ‘A Night at the Opera’ The Independent 20 April 2007 Christopher Hawtree ‘I had no idea that A Night at the Opera was going to become […]

From a Tick to a Beep

I wrote here about the vanishing watch on the wrist

From the Bran Tub: Seventeen – Richard Chopping

You might not know the name but you’ll recognise his James Bond covers, and seek out his own novel, The Fly. I wrote on him here.

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