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the pillowbook of Christopher Hawtree, writer and Green Party councillor for Central Hove

Battle In Blue Skies And On Green Lawns

Earlier in the year I caused some excitement at a meeting of Hove and Brighton Council by quoting – in a discussion about a Notice of Motion (literally so, one on Cycling) – a description from the teenage Virginia Woolf’s diaries about the thrill she found in pedalling across Hove, and beyond, in 1897. I […]


When challenged temporally on her query about the suitability of reheated curry for breakfast, Hannah James sidestepped the matter by dignifying such orts as brunch. Many might assume that the word is American, a case of flapjacks before noon; in fact the word is of English coining: the OED cites Punch from 1896 as crediting […]

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    Christopher Hawtree is the Green Party Councillor for Central Hove but items are posted here in a personal capacity as an individual.

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