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From the Bran Tub: Two – Studs Turkel

Posted on | December 27, 2011 | No Comments

Mention of Eleanor Bron reminds me that my obituary of Studs Turkel was the only one to mention the pivotal part that she played in his life. What’s more, it was the only one that referred to his meeting, of all people, Dame Ivy Compton Burnett. I try to picture them at tea in her South Kensington sitting-room… She hailed from Hove, which provided a lifetime’s material, but she is not among those family members buried in St Leonard’s Churchyard on New Church Road. Beneath the pink granite, though, are two of sisters, dead in a suicide pact towards the end of the Great War. No wonder she always called her fiction profoundly realistic.

Here is a link to the piece, and – amazingly – Turkel’s interview with can be found on the Internet


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