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Chuck n

Posted on | April 9, 2012 | No Comments

Does anybody now read the Southern, even feminist novels of Dorothy Scarborough? These were popular in the Twenties, and best known is The Wind(1925), first published anonymously and soon made into a popular silent movie with a Lilian Gish unblemished by the eponymous weather which assails from all sides with all the ferocity that she finds in the male of the species. On the screen, it is almost an existentialist drama in which, from time to time, there come such quotidian touches as a call from the stoveside: “chuck’s ready!” We shall not dwell upon the food that reaches the table (and especially not the practical joke played there). As for “chuck” itself, this is now more American slang than English, although its origins were in early-nineteenth century England, perhaps first used aboard ship: the quality of such meals is indicated by a probable link with “chock” – a burning log, from Old French.


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