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the pillowbook of Christopher Hawtree, writer and Green Party councillor for Central Hove


In the New York Times, Parul Sehgal discusses essay writers and notes that “Susan Sontag suffers from the sama hamartia” as befell choreographer Julie Taymor when thinking that she could make something of Spiderman: The Musical. That is, “the lack of self-knowledge [which] makes self-betrayal inevitable”. The term is from the Greek for fault or […]


In the New York Times, Amanda Fortini refers to a reality series Extreme Couponing “which portrays outlandish superconsumers clearing shelves and maintaining armamentaria of processed foods in their homes”. The noun is perhaps used ironically, for, of later nineteeth-century origins, it denotes a surgeon’s equipment, and replaced the seventeenth-century noun of armamentary which emerged soon […]

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    Christopher Hawtree is the Green Party Councillor for Central Hove but items are posted here in a personal capacity as an individual.

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