Posted on 22nd May, 2022

"Maybe you're no longer a human." So an Alexa-like voice informs the hapless man who finds himself in a future where we are ruled by robots. Such is the premise of a new play called, awkwardly, 0.0031% 9Plastic and Chicken Bones). Produced by Give or Take Theatre, the author and actor go unnamed as, during this hour, the question is ventilated "can humans govern themselves?" The stage is littered with plastic bottles and a discarded cellphone, an office chair. This interrupted monologue is rich, a feat of memory, so much so that one might not be able to take it all in at a sitting.


That said, it is a pleasing place to sit. Hove has lacked theatrical spaces, and this is the welcome arrive of plays in the room above the Poets' Corner pub on Montgomery Street (among the beers are three types of Harveys). It has always been difficult to discover what is on at the Brighton Fringe - and this year is no different: the truncated booklet is as difficult to navigate as the website.  One hopes, though, that this venue continues beyond the Fringe, The neighbourhood is full of people who would relish a stroll to it. The coming week sees the arrival of Bleep, about a junior doctir who joins an into-the-wild trail - one infers that it is one of those "bonding exercises" which prove to be anything but.

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