Posted on 6th February, 2023

Whate else is there to say? Well, he was variable - and one of his best perfomances was in On the Waterfront. Seventy years on, it has an effect. Many dwell on certain scenes, not least the discussion with his brother in the back of a taxi (the for filming of which Brando was partly absent). It success, though, is surely in the way in which it all hangs together - screenplay, setting, music, performances. The last of these could, in other circumstances, have appeared overwrought but they are carried by Kazan's direction. And credit should be given to Eve Marie Saint - still with us, and working, at close on a hundred. She is the one woman of note in the film, a counterpoint to all those men who given the impression that something is lacking in life is much time goes by without a brawl.

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