Pillar Boxes

Posted on 7th February, 2023

Do others share my fascination with these instances of living history?


How many tons of letters have they contained down the decades? Here in Hove there are some with the embossed, looped letters VR which denote that some time before the turn of the nineteenth century into the next some, perhaps in flowing dressings, small dogs at heel, had strolled towards the sea to post missives? What did that cursive script convey? When did the vogue for black-edged writing paper fade?


There are now some who posit that they will be winched away, which was the fate of their later cousins, the telephone box. Predictions are rarely safe to make. As yet there are sure to be some with the new King's initial upon them - perhaps simply CR, as was Victoria, Edward Vll and George V. Come to think of it, how was the late Queen denoted? Have a look next time you pass by.

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