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Posted on 8th February, 2023

I spoke further with the Hove resident who had been rooked, and more, by a locksmith (see yesterday's entry here).


She, too, a hard-pressed nurse, had been looking into it. And she had found that, bizarrely, anybody can set up as a locksmith. There is no legislation about this. These are people who deal in the securing of property. If somebody is criminal enough to charge way over the odds for supplying a lock, what is to prevent that tradesperson from keeping an extra key?


Always be sure to deal with a reputable firm.


As I said, the amount that the resident was charged would have been enough to pay for several nights in a good hotel (although, as it happens, trapped in her home were the very  cards to pay for that and the charger for a cellphone which was down to 1% after a fraught day).

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